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Wave Tattoos

Best Wave Tattoos for Reducing Stress and Depression

While tattoos have existed for centuries as an art form, many are unaware of its therapeutic uses. Although therapeutic tattoos are an endangered art form, many still use them to cure different diseases and deal with mental illness, depression and stress.While it may seem strange that a tattoo can heal illness and disease, history...
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Tree Tattoo

Simple and Easy Pine Tree Tattoo – Designs & Meanings (2019)

The tree is undoubtedly one of the most important characteristics of the earth: it provides food, oxygen and even shelters. Man has also learned to revere the importance of a tree and therefore has become very important. Although all trees are important to life, there are some species that are more common, such as...
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Cherry Tattoos

Best Cherry Blossom Tattoos of 2019

The cherry tree is a beautiful tree with pink or white flowers. China and Japan have many of these trees because they have an aesthetic value and practical uses in those countries. Its flowers and leaves are edible. Some special dishes in Japan contain this ingredient. They can also be salted and pickled and...
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Skull Tattoos

Kick-Ass Skull Tattoos For Men & Women

You may be surprised at the deeper meaning behind the skull tattoos. Many have assumed at first sight that this symbol of fear represents only one thing: death. However, skulls can mean everything from the celebration of life to the way to ward off evil spirits.For example, ancient Celts believed that skulls were the...
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Butterfly Tattoo

Butterfly Tattoo Ideas for Depicting Transformation

The ideas are endless when it comes to getting a tattoo. From quotations to sacred symbols, you can choose anything that complements your personality.Several people opt for daring patterns and even skulls with paint on the body, while many tattoo lovers prefer to get a permanent butterfly.Sounds like a feminine idea. You can find...
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