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89 Truly Awesome Celebrity Drawings

In this article we show you the drawings of 89 famous people. We not only want to show you these wonderful works of art, we also hope that you will be inspired by them. Regardless of what type of artistic / creative department you belong to, it can be a good place to get...
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Piercings Ideas

35 Cute Piercings for Girls & Men- 2020

1 spiralSpiral piercing, formerly known as cartilage, is a nice addition to already pierced earlobes that shake the balance and tradition of simple flap piercings.2 noseWho doesn't love the cute little nose stud? Nose piercing, which is growing in popularity and acceptance in cultural areas, will never grow old. Throw any color stone or...
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Nails Ideas

48 Nail Designs and Ideas for Coffin Acrylic Nails- 2020

Remember to get your nails ready but can't find the perfect nail design? Then we would be happy to help you! We found 48 of the most stylish coffin acrylic nails on Instagram. There are many different nail shapes, but we chose coffin nails today because they are easy to carry, you can have...
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Pop Art


This gallery contains tattoos inspired by the works of the world's most famous pop artists such as Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Keith Haring, Robert Indiana and Romero Britto.Pop Art Tattoo Rose. The rose tattoo designs this. The traditional photo realism and pop art of the new school make a wonderful contribution to this unisex...
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Stained Glass Tattoo

65 Stained Glass Tattoo Designs For Men And Women- 2020

Modern and historical Christian churches are not the only place where you can find stained glass windows. In reality, the architectural style goes back to the time of the Romans and Egyptians.However, tinted glasses only peaked in popularity in the Middle Ages.Over time, it became a great picture form to show passages and saints...
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Watercolor Tattoo

Best 37 Watercolor Tattoo Ideas- 2020 Inspiration Guide

If you're tired of doing body art on a regular basis, it may be time to experiment with the fundamental superiority of watercolor ink. Turn your skin into a canvas for judicial metamorphosis.For a surprisingly collapsed body art, there are several creations that can be compared to the magnificent artistic nature of the watercolor...
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UV Tattoos

39 Dark Tattoos For Men And Women – UV Black Light Ink Designs

Only when you think you see everything. While realistic and very complex tattoos are becoming more and more popular, UV ink has destroyed the idea of what is really possible with brilliant admiration.Invisible UV ink fools society on the left and right.Hidden under the protection of daylight, this style of ink takes the party...
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