Skull Tattoos

Top 25 Skull Tattoo Ideas- 2020 Inspiration Guide

You will be amazed at the importance of skull tattoos.

At first glance, many assume that their frightening, sick, and intimidating forms symbolize something: death. The fact is that skulls can symbolize anything to ward off evil spirits from life celebrations.
Take the ancient Celts, for example, who believe that their skulls are the center of the soul. The motivation of the mind; it constantly creates the power of life and cycles.
Research into the Renaissance era shows their respect for the sensitive nature of the world. Everyone dies because the nature of life is only temporary. It reminds me that the pursuit of greed will finally come to an end.
In alchemy symbolism, skulls were symbols of higher intelligence, awareness, foresight and honesty. They distinguish the bright spirit of humanity from the irrational animal.

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