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35 Cute Piercings for Girls & Men- 2020

1 spiral
Spiral piercing, formerly known as cartilage, is a nice addition to already pierced earlobes that shake the balance and tradition of simple flap piercings.
2 nose
Who doesn’t love the cute little nose stud? Nose piercing, which is growing in popularity and acceptance in cultural areas, will never grow old. Throw any color stone or add a circle to create a rebellious glow.
3 tragus
Tragus can be a piercing that most people are shy of. Who really thinks of piercing this little wing in front of their ears?
4 castles
A castle piercing improves the adventurous ante piercing. This piercer crosses the inner back of the ear and may require more attention during the healing process. With a double-sided piece of jewelry, this position opens the door for more variety once it has healed.
5 septum
Septum can be considered very adventurous. This is in the middle of the face and takes some courage.
6 forward spiral
While the typical helix runs along the back of the ear when it bends upward, the forward helix is ​​along the front of the ear when it leans back towards the ear canal.
7 earphones
Think helix, but lower. This piercing takes place more along the part of the ear where it begins to merge into cartilage along the flap as it is along the curve of the ear.
8 belly
Belly or navel, piercing is definitely popular and for good reason! The soft texture and easy access allow easy access to piercing care during healing.
9 Daith
Daith is probably one of the most ambiguous piercings that enter the scene because it’s called migraine piercing. While there’s a lot of support for claims that this helps migraines, there’s no denying how cute it is!
10 Multiple Lobe
If other piercings are still discouraging or there is no cup of tea available, piercing your rag several times may interest your ears!

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